Waltons eLine Procurement Management – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Waltons eLine Procurement Management – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Bidvest Waltons eLine allows you to control your office supplies procurement in an innovative new way. From product information and personalised price agreements, to automated order processing and customer approval processes and ordering limits. eLine boasts a number of features that make it an office must-have.

 At its core, it is a tool to help consumers take their procurement to a new level, giving them the power to make choices that suit their unique requirements. It’s simple and secure, with an easy to use navigation search tool so that everything you need is just a click away.

Managed by Bidvest Waltons, rather than a detached 3rd party service provider, eLine offers convenience and accuracy in a user-friendly package – The perfect addition to any forward-thinking business.

How to Register for Waltons eLine

Access eLine by visiting http://eline.waltons.co.za  or clicking on “eLine Business Account” at the top of the Bidvest Waltons home page (www.waltons.co.za).

You will be directed to the eLine home page.

Register by clicking on “Register Here” and completing the registration form.

Once you’ve submitted the form and Bidvest Waltons has approved your request, you will receive your login details.

A maximum activation period of 24 to 48 hours is required for verifying your registration details to ensure that you are set up and linked correctly.

Enter your login details in the fields provided on the eLine home page (http://eline.waltons.co.za).

Click on “Log In” and you will be directed to the eLine main menu.

Shopping on Waltons eLine

The eLine main menu features a Quick Search option, as well as the option to navigate by category to find what you’re looking for. Enter a keyword (for example: pen) or a stock code into the empty Quick Search field, and eLine will display the products and brands available. Alternatively, browse the collapsible menu of categories and sub-categories displayed.

Once you’ve found the items/s you’re looking for, you’ll be given the option to enter a quantity and add the item to your Order Basket by clicking on the “Add” button/icon. The status of your Order Basket and the items you add will be displayed in a tab to the far right of the page.

This tab also contains a Quick Entry field for stock codes, as well as options to delete, save or clear your Order Basket.

Once you’ve finished adding items to your Order Basket, click on “Finalise Order” in the bottom right-hand corner of this tab.

You will be directed to enter a few final details, including an email address and reference number. Click on “Next” and then “Submit” to complete the process.

You will be directed to an order confirmation page, which you can print out or send on in an email.

It’s as simple as that. Once you’ve submitted your order, it is automatically sent on to Bidvest Waltons for processing.

What are Waltons eLine Tabs?

Data Extracts: Allows the user to export product and purchase based information.

Accounts: Access invoices, as well as credit and order information.

User Information: Maintain your profile.

Help: Learn more about the features of eLine.

Hot News: Look out for news about Bidvest Waltons.

Order Approval: If internal order approval/ authorisation is required, a built in order approval work flow is available on request. The approval workflow is dynamic and can be set up as per the customers preferences.

The work flow process monitors spend and order details. All orders will be routed accordingly via this approval work flow before being received by Waltons for processing.

 Waltons eLine Integration for SAP and Oracle

The eLine solution has enabled Bidvest Waltons to offer a platform hosted catalogue called Punch-Out for SAP and Oracle customers, provided that the correct module (SRM/OCI/PunchOut) is available on the customers SAP or Oracle environment.

The Punch-Out solution allows the user to configure SAP and Oracle to access their specific catalogue on the eLine solution during the PR (Purchase Requisition) stage with in SAP.

By configuring SAP and Oracle with the URL and Login details provided, the user can access SAP or Oracle select Bidvest Waltons as the Supplier and click on the URL which will redirect the user from SAP or Oracle to the eLine platform.

The user can now search for items and create a basket in a user friendly interface and when they submit the basket the data is passed back in to SAP or Oracle to create the PR which then follows the normal and predefined SAP or Oracle process before submitting the PO to Bidvest Waltons. We also like to engage with our customer at the PO stages to better streamline the process and implement the best suited EDI method to ensure the processing of the order is seamless and streamlined/

The most crucial factor for the successful implementation of any e ordering system is the clear definition of business processes and procedures from both the supplier and buyer. Without these the most perfect electronic solution would fall flat and be unsuccessful.


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