Our Brand Story (We Were There)

We were there
When Mommy was working
and you had to colour in while she finished
We were there

We were there
When you were “growing up so fast”
Walking tentatively into the classroom – nervous and excited
We were there

We were there
When you aced that test
The gold, and silver, stars on your page
We were there

When you went to High School
When your wrote notes to your friends
and cut out little hearts for your first love
We were there

When you studied and studied and studied
When you highlighted your notes and flagged your books
Through all the mind-maps and summaries
We were there

When you prepared your CV and got your first job
When you got your “work laptop” and your own desk
When you got that envelope with your first promotion
We were there

When you started a family
and your walls were plastered with their masterpieces
When you watched them playing and knew you would do anything to give them the best
We were there

In that moment, as you turn to your parents and share a smile
We want you to know
When you’re balancing work, family and life
We will always be here

We’re part of the family.