KW Trio A4 vs Dahle A4 Guillotines – An Overview

KW Trio A4 vs Dahle A4 Guillotines – An Overview

Guillotines are a modern-day paper cutter/trimmer. We use them mainly in our offices to cut flyers, batches of paper and much more. Guillotines can save you and your employees hours of cutting documents manually with a pair of scissors.

Why Guillotines are Essential in the Office – Buying Guillotines for the Office

“If you are in the type of business where you require flyers for your advertising, then you need to consider purchasing a guillotine. A guillotine will save you time and money as it will cut down on the lack of productivity by having someone taking hours to cut flyers or posters. Instead of using an unsteady hand to get your presentation looking fantastic, let your guillotine do the work – clean, straight cut lines will deliver the best looking presentation! Replace your scissors with guillotines.

There are some people in this world who can make miracles happen with scissors, there are other people who will simply chop off their finger. This is why it is necessary to have guillotines in your offices. You will be able to make sure that even if you do have a clumsy Christine or Clyde, every item will be cut perfectly. The problem with scissors is that you cannot always get the correct shape, angle or even straight line.

A guillotine has been designed to be able to cut your document with a straight line in one quick swift chop. The design has a blade as well as a platform that you can line up your document on. This will then give you the perfect accuracy and make sure that no uneven edges will appear. Some guillotines have even been designed to handle multiple pieces of paper at once, increasing the productivity within your office.

It is also an essential item to have if you need to cut finicky documents, the guillotine will be able to provide you with the perfect outcome every time. There is absolutely no reason why you should not get a guillotine in your office.

The question is which guillotines should you purchase? There are a number of different models out there, you just need to know which brands are going to be able to offer you the best results.”

KW Trio A4 Guillotine – An Overview

• “Cutting Length:335mm

• 10 Sheet Cutting Capacity

• Strong ABS base paper guillotine intergraded with the high carbon steel blade offers the alignment of sizes of A4, B4, A3 Portrait and 12", 15", 18",

• and features of the safety guard, knife lock, quick-released paper guide. Specifications: Model = 3921

Dahle A4 Guillotine – An Overview

• “Cut Lengths: 12" to 18"

• Capacity: Up to 15 sheets

• Durable and precise

• Ground self-sharpening blade

• Manual clamp protects fingers”

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