Math Sets – What Are the Differences?

Math Sets – What Are the Differences?

You have received your child’s list of stationery requirements for the year ahead, and on that list is a Math Set, also known as a Geometry Set or Technical Drawing Set. One of the most important stationery sets a child might need in Math class or Technical Drawing. There are numerous options available on the market as well as a price range to fit your budget.

Math Sets – What Are the Differences?

Math sets are available in varying quality standards and price range. Some of the sets are made out of metal as the main component, and others are mainly made out of plastic. Depending on your or your child’s requirements, there is a set on the market for you. Some of the options are covered below:

Staedtler Noris Club Math Set 10 Piece

Contents Include:

-Metal Pencil Case

- Compass

- Stencil

- 45° Set Square

- 30/60° Set Square


- Pencil

- Dividers


- Protractor

- Sharpener

Oxford Set of Mathematical Instruments

It consists of a metal tin embossed on the front with a drawing of Balliol College and the words 'THE HELIX OXFORD SET OF MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS COMPLETE & ACCURATE' in white against a blue background.

Inside the tin there are:

- Two set squares

- A 180° protractor

- A 15cm ruler

- A metal compass

- A 9cm pencil

- A pencil sharpener

- An eraser and

- A 10mm stencil

SDS 11 Piece Maths Set

Contents include:

- 30°/60° Set square

- 45° Set square

- Sharpener

- Protractor

- Divider

- Compass

- Stencil

- Ruler

- Eraser

- Pencil and

- Time table.

Staedtler 55060S9A6 9 Piece School Math Set

This package contains:

- One compass

- One automatic pencil

- One 15cm protractor

- One 15cm ruler

- One 30°/60° degree triangle

- One 45°/90° degree triangle

- One spare lead and

- One white eraser

- Within one 17x7.8x10 cm plastic case

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