About Bidvest Waltons

At Bidvest Waltons we believe in the opportunity and power of education. We are conscious of playing a valuable role in the economy of our country and our continent.

We proudly supply the tools that facilitate the efficiency required for business success today as well as the items required for all learning environments.  Bidvest Waltons stocks a wide range of products that support all needs in these environments such as stationery, office catering and hygiene, technology, office consumables, office furniture and Optiplan filing solutions.

We deliver a diverse range of quality offerings at competitive prices with exceptional service delivery.

We want to be your partner in success, and commit to delivering on our promises and providing the best solutions with focus, speed and efficiency.

We invite you to browse through our products and solutions available online. Should you wish to view a wider range or have specific requirements, do contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Our Values

At Bidvest Waltons, our company values guide all that we do as a team. We subscribe to three key values that provide a simple framework for our business focus.

Valued Partner

I am an important part of your business


I want you to have the best chance at success


I want to give you solutions that are relevant and simple

Our values guide our approach to business overall. We see ourselves as actively partnering with our clients, to offer them the best solutions. 

Desk accessories are functional and add personality to your work space! Selected just for you

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  1. KW Trio Tally Counter Desk Model KW242
    KW Trio Tally Counter Desk Model KW242
    Product code: 95138400
  2. KW Trio Tally Counter Hand Model KW241
    KW Trio Tally Counter Hand Model KW241
    Product code: 95138200
  3. Waltons PrimeLine Super Rubber Bands W56
    Waltons PrimeLine Super Rubber Bands W56
    Product code: 95127000
  4. Replica Solid Key Assorted
    Replica Solid Key Assorted
    Product code: 95100700
  5. Counter Bell
    Counter Bell
    Product code: 95100200
  6. Waltons PrimeLine Premium Flexi Ruler
    Waltons PrimeLine Premium Flexi Ruler
    Product code: 85135000