Welcome to the world of
Intelligent Filing Solutions

Optiplan is filing solutions made easy. For decades we have transformed office clutter into office space. Our approach is based on a philosophy of efficiency and we supply, implement and maintain paper-based information management systems that make filing documents less of an effort. Our consultants ensure efficient filing and provide a turnkey solution specifically designed for you.

The modern filing solutions we provide have a myriad of different products, tailored for any needs that arise from any business or industry. Our unique system features a modern Top Retrieval system and our ingenious colour coding makes complex indexing a breeze.

Our filing solutions create efficiency for your company by saving you considerable amounts of space and time.

Optiplan is a Bidvest Waltons brand, a Bidvest company that is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, available throughout Southern Africa.

Intelligent Filing Solutions
  • Space saving

    Saves up to 60% of floor space vs conventional filing systems

  • Time saving

    Easy file retrieval and replacement

  • Money saving

    Quality materials and designs allow for reuse and longevity

  • Intelligent

    Our preprinted scaling and colour coding labelling systems make complex indexing a walk in the park

  • Mobility

    Files fit into any briefcase or laptop bag and are easy to carry

  • Aesthetically designed

    Cabinets fit into your office décor

  • Optiplan Top Retrieval filing system – Intelligent Future of Filing

    Consulting services

    We offer consulting services to ensure that we find the intelligent solution for your paper-based information.

  • Free assessment

    Evaluation of your needs to recommend the best solution for you

  • Space utilisation

    How to make the best use of your space to save you money

  • Implementation

    Puts the recommended plans into action through fluid installation and provides training for all who use the system

  • Conversion

    We help you convert from conventional filing

  • Maintenance programme

    An after sales commitment, to maximise the true benefits of Optiplan filing solutions and deliver return on your investment

  • Call us today and one of our consultants will help you move to the intelligent, modern world of filing with Optiplan.